GLYNIT is committed to contribute to a more sustainable environment. In order to manage our efforts and track our progress we have decided to focus on three main areas of influence:

At GLYNIT we strive to be open and transparent in regards to our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. The heart of our business is the product we create. How and where our product is made matters to us. As a company with manufacturing activities, we know that we have a responsibility. We pride ourselves on producing small responsible runs of collections, acting against fast fashion. Producing two seasonal collections a year sets the design team at a slower pace, allowing us time to research manufacturing methods.

GLYNIT recognizes the importance of minimizing our negative impact on the planet. We consider all logistics and transportations of goods, choosing slower but less impactful methods always, such as sea freight over air freight which uses significantly less emissions – these methods have long lead times, contributing to what is becoming known as ‘environmental-friendly’. GLYNIT choses minimal packaging when shipping and delivering our ‘it-bags’. We have eliminated poly-bags to minimize waste. We think before we print, but when we really have to, we only use recycled paper. In the final step of the production cycle, each product is packed in left-over boxes from cardboard packaging companies. 

It is not only the environment, that we must care for, but also the people who create our products from scratch. We believe that it is our job to amplify a healthy and socially responsible conduct. We want to ensure safe, healthy, and fair working conditions based on the suppliers we chose. GLYNIT does not own any factories. However, we choose and screen our suppliers carefully. We bear in mind to only work with suppliers who are BSCI and CEDEX certified. This means that they must provide decent working conditions for everyone who is involved in the production process. GLYNIT made a promise to itself and their customers that our products are always crafted in a responsible, human manner.

GLYNIT understands, that as a commercial business, we will never be perfect. We are nevertheless committed to mitigating the adverse effects on our planet as much as possible.